Who we are

CEEEC is small think tank based in Bulgaria. CEEEC international team of experts have deep experience in fossil fuel issues, agriculture and forestry, energy, water and waste management. We are paying special attention to climate change and needs for adaptation. Our experts also have considerable experience of work with projects of the World Bank, Global Environment Facility different UN structures (UNDP, UNEP, UNESCO) and other international agencies.

CEEEC supports various organizations that need professional advice or special materials/information. CEEEC mainly concentraits on Bulgaria, Balkan and Black Sea issues (also related to usage of EU funds), but we were also dealing with wider issues.

About photo: Ravda settlement (north from Burgas city, Bulgaria) is an example of urbanization of Black Sea shore. Resort houses are constructed close to the water. Shore erosion already create threats to buildings, some owners already started bank stabilization work. Banks erosion will only be growing due Climate Changes.